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Retail Landscapes

With retail sales accounting for a significant proportion of the national economy and more than a third of total consumer spending in the UK, attracting footfall is a vital element in retail success. So devising strategies to improve customer satisfaction, enhance occupancy levels and rental incomes is imperative.

Attract: Hard landscaping is a key visual component in achieving effective and attractive use of the urban landscape. Research demonstrates that good amenities enhance usage of public spaces, encouraging feelings of ownership and belonging. Thoughtfully designed and well cared for spaces promote appreciation of the surroundings.

Engage: Successful, well planned landscaping promotes early engagement. Marshalls in particular offers a comprehensive range of retail landscaping products that will foster engagement with the customer. Feeling safe and secure in a social public space can play a large role in an individual's ability to function and feel good in that locality.

Flow: People movement, interaction and congestion reduction in a space can be designed in by architects and engineers. Well considered designs maximise safety whilst optimising circulation and footfall. Using bespoke paving in conjunction with signage creates a fully integrated navigation system, promoting safe and natural flow.

Return: Satisfaction is the main driver of loyalty. Key to the success of any retailer is the ability to attract customers back. Whilst clearly the external landscape and public spaces may not in themselves give a customer reason to come back, in cases where these are poorly executed they will be enough to deter the customer from returning.

Public Safety

The need to ensure public safety within retail landscapes is nothing new, however a lot has changed in the design of our public spaces in recent years due to the evolving threat of international terrorism.

It has become increasingly important to ensure that crowded places, including vibrant retail quarters and large out of town shopping centres, are adequately safeguarded against potential threats, ensuring public safety, business continuity and peace of mind in the event of an attack.

Sustainable Retail Development

In the UK today, there are some 800 shopping centres hosting approximately 13,000,000m2 of retail space, served by around 500,000 car parking spaces. It is estimated that these centres generate nearly three million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Furthermore, based on mean average annual rainfall, if these are external spaces they must manage half a billion litres of rainfall run-off every year.

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