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Street Furniture

In support of our range of street furniture products, Marshalls offers 360. A service offering designed to support our customers throughout the project lifecycle offering expert support from design to installation, even allowing you to create completely bespoke street furniture for your projects. For the full list of 360 services applicable to street furniture, see below;

Design & Technical Services

Product Advice

Our Customer Service Team provides market-leading, technically-accurate information to assist with material selection and economically-sound construction methods. We also offer a transparent and seamless aftersales service to ensure the efficient and fair handling of any issues.

CAD Facilities

Marshalls can provide:

  • Plan layouts and 3D drawings for presentation to clients or contractors.
  • Cross-sections of construction details, including specifications for construction (NBS) for incorporation in tender and bill documentation.
  • Specific detailing for non-standard or special product requirements for construction and tendering.

Construction Services

Logistical Support

Using the UK’s leading real-time traffic planning and routing software, we can provide real-time tracking and priority delivery scheduling that sends the nearest suitable vehicle to the next job. With 12 strategically positioned distribution centres covering the whole of the UK, we'll always be on hand to ensure your projects go smoothly.

Construction Detailing

Every scheme faces different challenges, whether it be overcoming problems on site in installation or bringing together a wide palette of materials within the design. Occasionally, special products are required to meet these challenges. Our design team have the expertise and experience to work with you and other key stakeholders

Skills Services

Toolbox Talks

Taking time out once a project has started can be both time-consuming and costly. Successful implementation is based on early engagement and consideration for detail. Marshalls Toolbox Talks highlight common pitfalls during installation and how to prevent them. Toolbox talks are available for Water Management, Street Furniture, Natural Stone, Rail Landscapes, Paving and Best Practice and Value Engineering.

Installation Guides

To maximise performance, it is essential that products are installed correctly. At Marshalls we offer a free-of-charge, practical and comprehensive installation advice service for all of our products. Whether it's calculating the sub base composition for Priora, ensuring your channel drainage haunch is to the correct depth or determining the detail for a PAS 68 bollard, our team of technical and enginnering experts will ensure product optimisation through effective installation.

CPD Seminars

Marshalls provides a full range of CPD seminars (many of which are RIBA accredited) that cover a comprehensive range of landscaping topics. Our expert team shares its knowledge and experience to ensure that our customers receive presentations featuring the most up-to-date thinking and the most respected opinion in the industry. These sessions can be delivered at your convenience in your offices (often over a buffet lunch).

Maintenance Services

O & M Manuals

We provide post-construction cleaning regimens to ensure the long term performance and aesthetics of the hard landscaping are maximised. We also provide reinstatement and repair methodology and working practices.

Accreditation Services


All products are manufactured to a quality plan that complies to BS EN ISO 9001 and is third-party audited by the BSI. Accredited to an Integrated Managament System that combines ISO 9000 - 2000 for Quality Management, OHSAS 18001 for Health and Safety Management and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management, we pledge that our products fully comply with the relevant industry standards, ensuring peace of mind for all those who specify, purchase, install or maintain them.


Sustainability is about much more than just recycled content. We help project teams adopt a holistic approach to this subject by considering economic, environmental and social issues. Sustainability is a global issue; from clients through to contractors and manufacturers, each stakeholder has a role to play. We have responded to these issues by developing a sustainable business model that helps us to provide increasingly sustainable products.

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