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Albion Standard Steel Litter Bin

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The Albion litter bin is a functional and versatile bin that can be specified in different sizes and capacities, customised with optional extras such as ashtrays and bait options and finally finished in a livery of your choosing. The Albion litter bin is ideal for most locations including urban, civic and country.For areas where smaller capacities are required the Albion is offered in 40 and 60 litre models which can also be post or wall mounted. For areas that are popular with dog walkers a coordinating dog litter bin is also available.

The Albion has been designed in consultation with those that specify and use litter bins, and specific features have been incorporated into the bin at their request.
These include angled apertures to ensure that all litter drops directly into the liner, and the ashtray that can simply be emptied directly into the liner from the exterior
of the bin.

To ensure long-term aesthetic appearance and functionality most components of the litter bin can be removed and very easily replaced if damaged,
component parts are available through our Sales Order Office.

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