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Moshi Bollard

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The Moshi Bollard, from exclusive partner Aubrilam, has a design concept based on simplicity and function - defining design with subdued forms and economy. These qualities enable the Moshi Bollard to fit in with the space where it is installed.

Using natural wood as the principal construction material in a simple form helps to reinforce this comforting impression.

The Moshi Bollard is available at 1M in height with sub surface mount or root fixed fixing options.

The square tube is glued laminated wood with ACERBOIS GLULAM certification, using timber from sustainably managed sources.

The square flush base and top are galvanised steel, finished with a polyester powder of your choice from a standard palette of options.

The standard colour palette has been designed to provide a solution for all architectural settings, and consists of 3 options - Timeless, Natural and Mineral. Each has a number of complementary timber stains and powder coat options.

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