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Escofet Cargol

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Design by: Arriola & Fiol Architects

CARGOL is street furniture in beige-coloured cast stone with a compact, circular geometry. Its texture distinguishes it from other products, with a spiral relief, representing calm and shelter, etched into its upper face.

This product is part of the NEW BENCHES FOR GRAN VIA IN BARCELONA collection. A suite of seats and benches for multiple uses, with references to fossils and shells, aimed at representing the true dimension of our ancestral nature. Each of these items has a unique geometry.

The different shapes, sizes and materials of these products bring different elements and situations to mind. BOOMERANG reminds us of flying objects, CARGOL transports us into the animal realm, DESIERTO belongs to mineral environments, while PUFF and ÈXTASI point to the intimacy of the home. These designs have smooth or rough surfaces, sinuous or angular curves, all awakening and stimulating our senses and imagination in different ways.

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