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Escofet Carmel Tree Surround

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Design by: Enric Pericas

The CARMEL tree surround acts as a transition between the usual orthogonal pavement geometry and the circular perimeter around a tree.

This collection includes a series of variations that are reflected in the grid geometry: square or round. CARMEL 160, CARMEL 120 and CARMEL 100 all consist of two pieces of precast stone. Inside, the pavement plane is extended with one or two concentric cast aluminium rings. CARMEL CIRCULAR 160 and CARMEL CIRCULAR 120 use a circular steel frame with the same rings in cast aluminium.

The CARMEL models with circular frames are recommended for planting trees in the context of fluid and "in situ" pavements such as asphalt and concrete slabs.

The exclusive use of the cast stone or circular steel frames without the aluminium rings is an economical solution which has greater ease of access than conventional solutions with square interior formats.

Architects Enric Pericas and Estrella Ordoñez designed the CARMEL trees surround in collaboration with the technical services of ONCE, the Spanish blind people's organisation, to improve access to the Carmel district in Barcelona.

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