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Escofet Icaria

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Design by: Esteve Bonell

ICARIA is a monobloc planter in granite grey cast stone, although it can be ordered in any standard colour. A feature of ICARIA is its large interior volume which makes it suitable for medium-sized trees.

ICARIA's cubic geometry and reinforced surface makes its structure very strong, allowing it to be moved even when filled with soil without fear of damaging the planted vegetation. This free-standing volume makes contact with the ground via four incorporated legs.

The texture on all four sides includes a subtle bas-relief formed by vertical lines in classic panels. This timeless classicism, its functionality, it powerful resistance and the right choice of economic materials have made this simple planter one of the longest running products in the Escofet collection.

ICARIA was designed in 1991 by architect Esteve Bonell in conjunction with Escofet.

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