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si is a modular bench which, like a playful game, invites us to share numerous possibilities suggested by its forms and colours. Built from a 60cm wide piece used for the dual purpose of seat and backrest, the various positions of the module permits a succession of simple or double benches, with and without backrests in combination.

They can be connected by corrugated stainless steel bolts anchored with structural silicon to a threaded bush recessed in the cast stone. They can be installed on the pavement via individual supports with metals spheres and rods screwed to a threaded bush embedded in the cast stone with epoxy resin.

The first installation of Isi, designed by Carmen Pinós, was for the outer foyer of Torre Cube in Guadalajara, Mexico. It has added a second degree of freedom to the formulation by bringing in the combination of two colours: black and white.

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