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Escofet Luco Mojon

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Design by: Helio Piñón

LUCO MOJON is a "milestone" with more aesthetic than body, more appearance than volume. Its largest surface area is seen on its front face, diminishing in appearance as the observer moves past. We use COR-TEN steel sheeting finished in rusted varnish or "COR-TEN effect" paint. It is then anchored to a base plate inserted flush with the pavement.

LUCO MOJON is proposed as an element that blends naturally into the streetscape without visual aggression. Clients appreciate the way its profile integrates into the urban landscape thanks to its modest dimensions and its feasible configuration.

As a boundary element, it proposes a face rather than a cylinder. When installed in sequence, this causes an overlapping effect due to planes culminating in a semicircular shape which lightens its profile. The longitudinal perforation that features on this element also lightens its presence and facilitates its use as an anchorage point for bicycles.

It was designed in 2000 by architect Helio Piñón in conjunction with Escofet.

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