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Escofet Nomo

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Design by: Josep Muxart

The aim of the NOMO bench and seat series is to create street furniture with great formal austerity. The result is a contemporary overhaul of the traditional steel and wood bench. Its robustness is emphasized by the generous sections used in the steel props, the seat and the backrest.

This series includes a 70 cm. chair and two benches, one measuring 192 cm. and the other 300 cm. The supports are in zinc-clad steel with silver baked-on paint, a metallic finish and a soft texture. The seats and the backrests are resolved with single-section autoclaved Nordic pinewood slats. They can be anchored to the pavement or simply left in place, with high lateral impact resistance in both cases. The versatility of this series facilitates its integration into different types of city spaces.

NOMO was designed for Escofet in 2007 by architect Josep Muxart.

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