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Escofet Prima Marina

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Prima Marina is Escofet's first bench-table collection in Slimconcrete™, the name given to UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete.) The product ushers in a new generation of much lighter, high-resistance street furniture.

The Prima Marina collection comes in various shapes and sizes of benches, complemented with tables. Each item has a 5mm teakwood cladding on the top surface to offering comfort, stability and optimum conservation under outdoor weather conditions. This cladding also is covered by a 3 year warranty.

The neutral, abstract design of this series, developed by the Escofet's team of technicians, lends itself to installations in any situation, either individually in lines, or in flexible clusters of tables and benches. UHPC technology facilitates the design of extremely durable lightweight items with a minimized section due to its high resistance to compression, bending, impact and wear.

Minimum water absorption improves this material's resistance to cracks and weathering caused by frost in harsh climates. The quality and the acid-etched surface finish of Slimconcrete™ products is similar to sandstone, available in beige, white and dark grey.

Ease of transportation, low energy consumption during manufacturing and 100% recyclable components yield optimum results in Life Cycle Analyses of Slimconcrete™ products.

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