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Escofet Segregador de Carril

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Design by: Enric Pericas

SEGREGADOR DE CARRIL BICI is a highly resistant granite grey reinforced concrete bicycle lane separator. It is installed on asphalt roadways with the same anchorage system used to prevent lateral movement by the PROTECTOR DE VADO and PLATAFORMA BUS models.

These separation modules protect cyclists from parked vehicles and allow vehicle doors to be opened without endangering moving bicycles. As required by law, their minimum width is 90 cm, allowing them to be used for walking as well.

The modules are aligned to segregate a free strip for cycling in one or both directions, while also providing access for small street sweeper equipment. They are 3m long, 90 cm wide and have three roadway anchorage points: one at each end that raises the bottom plane 4 cm off the ground and drains rainwater, and another in the centre to prevent breakage in case of bending under impact.

PLATAFORMA BUS, PROTECTOR DE VADO and SEGREGADOR DE CARRIL DE BICICLETA are three formulations that satisfy common city requirements and improve mobility.

They were designed by architect Enric Pericas in conjunction with Escofet, and they have been installed as a pioneer project in the city of Barcelona

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