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Escofet Tram

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Design by: Miguel Milá

TRAM is a modular reinforce cast stone bench with a characteristic natural, welcoming profile. The lines of this comfortable ergonomic design lighten the presence of the cast stone as part of the streetscape and project a sense of being a flexible, inviting bench. To ensure its stability on the pavement, it needs to be anchored with bolts.

TRAM is produced in two versions: TRAM CURVO, which grows along an arc and permits additions to form semi-circles of two or three segments; and TRAM RECTO, which emphasizes its simple geometry, either as a single bench or with additions in long continuous or alternating banks, which can form attractive alignments flanking promenades and avenues.

TRAM was created for Escofet in 1991 by renowned architect and industrial designer Miguel Milá.

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