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Escofet Twig Plastic

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Design by: Alexander Lotersztain

TWIG is a system of benches that summarizes the concepts of modularity, interactivity and interconnection. This modularity and interactivity encourages diversity, fluidity and social interaction amongst the users of TWIG.

The design of this versatile shape allows meeting points to be created in the landscape that now extend into the internal environment, intermeshing the boundary between interior and and exterior public spaces.

The Twig Plastic is formed in white polyethylene with a micro textured finish to replicate the external Twig's acid-etching. The bench is then lit with 3 low-energy LED strips as standard in cool white (5000K). Weighing only 60kg, the Twig Plastic requires floor anchoring.

Its slightly rounded edges and gentle surfaces are the features of this bench that seduce and invite passers-by to use it. The corners of its three arms have the same geometry and section, facilitating arbitrary additions of units that propose a different language and situation in each context.

Architect Alexander Lotersztain designed this piece of street furniture in conjunction with Escofet. It was selected for the Australian International Design Awards 2008 and the ADI-FAD Delta Prizes in 2009.


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