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Escofet Yin Yang

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Design by: Francisco Javier Rodriguez

The YIN YANG bench is a monolithic element in reinforced cast stone. The dual design of this item represents the interaction between Yin and Yang, opposite but complementary forces that drive our universe.

Its abstract form resolves the ground support by means of two folds in the upper surfaces. These diagonal cuts descend to the ground in a gesture reminiscent of a tango dancer's stretched leg, securely but delicately wrapped around her partner.

The surfaces of these diagonal folds are also highlighted by the subtle variations in their finish: the line symbolizing duality also divides the polished plane from the acid-etched face.

This bench, designed by architect Francisco Javier RodrĂ­guez, was installed for the first time in the Artists Square in Puerto Rico on the basis of a project by the same designer.

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