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Loci Cycle Stand

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With ever increasing fuel costs and concern for the environment high on the agenda, cycling to work or university has never been more popular.

The shape of the cycle stand clearly echoes both the form of the seating frame and the dramatic taper of the litter bin for unrivalled consistency across the range.

Formed in precision fabricated steel, the bollard combines significant structural strength with an elegant profile.
The product is fitted with timber inserts as standard to protect cycle frames from damage.
The ethically sourced timber insert is selected as standard
The insert design feature offers the opportunity to add colour to customise and brand your spaces.
Each part of the cycle stand can be colour-customised in any RAL shade for delineation of areas, local branding consistency or wayfinding integration.
The UV resistant polyester powder coat is a durable three layer system including two primer coats to protect the raw material from the elements
The cycle stand can be root fixed or flange mounted for solidity in locations where there is a restricted depth of foundation.

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