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Loci Litter Bin

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The Loci litter bin is offered with a standard volume of 80 litres and the materials selected for the composition of the bin are fully recyclable.

An extremely flexible design, the litter bin can be modified to suit your exact specifications such as incorporating waste segregation options or supplied with an additional hinged ash & gum lid.

The product can also be used creatively as a signage information point to reduce street clutter through combining elements of furniture. Further landscape integration can also be achieved by incorporating coloured flooring lines across the profile of the bin which enhances pedestrian wayfinding.

The litter bin has been designed to provide the easiest maintenance possible with a rapid, yet sturdy, opening mechanism for the emptying cycle.
Each part of the bin can be colour-customised in any RAL shade for delineation of areas, local branding consistency, insignias, slogans or wayfinding integration.
The UV resistant polyester powder coat is a durable three layer system including two primer coats to protect the raw material from the elements.
Low cost and easily updateable graphic applications to the door or frame might also be used to publicise upcoming events.

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