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Since every wayfinding information point is bespoke by its very nature, the concept of the Loci monolith originates from a standardised frame. A simple, cost effective and ultimately flexible system, the individual elements are designed to be populated by your creativity and specific project requirements.

Based upon our long experience of wayfinding projects, we’ve developed a set of standardised components that offer unlimited adaptation potential; these modules are available in four sizes and can be tailored to accommodate your mapping, logos and other directional elements.

The outside panel echoes the wrapped ribbon design from other elements in the range and can be coloured to support branding or identity.

The Loci Monolith is available in 4 standard sizes:

Mini - 400mm wide x 1800mm tall
Midi - 600mm wide x 2000mm tall
Maxi - 800mm wide x 2500mm tall
Mega - 1000mm wide x 3000mm tall

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