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Ollerton M3 Curved Seat in Stainless Steel

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The Ollerton M3 Curved Seat in Stainless Steel combines comfort and functionality, to deliver a high quality seating option for almost any type of scheme.The modular design allows larger configurations of seats to be used to create bespoke seating arrangements. Manufactured in high quality 316L stainless, M3 can cope with the rigours of any urban environment. The aesthetic of stainless style also makes it a popular choice for modern schemes. A variety of options are available, please download the specification for more information.

Product options:

  • 70 or 140mm Leg Diameter
  • Arm Rests
  • Demountable Ground Socket
  • Free Standing
  • Ground Fixed
  • Optional Length
  • Spigot Mounted
  • Sub Surface Mounted
  • Surface Mounted
  • Surface Trim Plates

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