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Concrete Traffic Islands

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Marshalls offers a wide range of concrete traffic islands. Each unit is pre-formed in reinforced concrete to create discrete traffic islands.

The traffic island comes in either the Satellite or Refuge configuration. Both types can be either permanent (fixed in the ground) or demountable, which means it can be disassembled and relocated. All traffic islands are pre-formed in factory-controlled conditions, ensuring both design accuracy and validity of specification.

Satellite traffic islands are available with a half-battered kerb profile as BS EN 1340:2003. A central aperture of 350mm and 2 x M16 lifting sockets are cast into the product.

Refuge traffic islands allow for central crossing points to be constructed, and for the addition of illuminated 'keep left' bollards – these are offered in a half-battered profile as BS EN 1340:2003. A central 400 - 450mm aperture and 3 x M16 lifting sockets are cast into the product.

Furthermore, bespoke traffic islands and delineations for cyclists are available for new upcoming cycle areas to suit your project requirements.

The Marshalls traffic islands comply with the Traffic Advisory Leaflets TAL 7/95, 7/93 and 11/94 as well as with the Highways Act 1980, the Traffic Calming Act 1992 and the Highways (Traffic Calming) Regulations 1993. It is also compliant with Local Transport Note LTN 01/07 and 01/08.

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