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Reinforced Concrete Speed Cushions

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The Marshalls range of reinforced concrete speed cushions is available in two designs, to help reduce traffic speeds in different applications/situations.
Each of our designs complies with the Traffic Advisory Leaflet issued by the DfT in October 1994.

The one-piece structural units are designed to withstand all traffic loadings. Each speed cushion unit is simple to install and requires minimal maintenance.

The Plateau version has a 70mm height and a range of widths to suit different traffic calming and vehicle requirements. The approach/exit ramp has dimensions of 1:8.6 and its side slopes are 1:4.3.

The Domed cushion has a 65mm height, and rewards drivers travelling at an appropriate speed with a smoother crossing. It’s more suited to areas with numerous bus movements.

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*Please note, the product does not come with white arrow markings as standard.

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