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Speedcheck Concrete Starter Block Ramp System

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The Speedcheck Concrete Starter Block Ramp System acts as a restraint to allow for ramps to be constructed using block paving. The unique profile allows for slopes of 1:10 or 1:15 inclination to be constructed.

The cubic shape is intended for use with flexibly laid concrete block paving, although other materials may be used if your vision warrants it. The size and shape is designed to complement block paving and give an aesthetically pleasing finish, particularly suitable for conservation or residential areas.

Use ramp lengths of 1000mm, which will create a height of 100mm – the maximum we advise. You can be confident that installation of this ramp system will cause minimum disruption on the carriageway, as excavation is only required beneath the ramp areas, so your client can rest assured knowing it’s not a lengthy project.

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