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Grassed paving & Grassguard paving

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Marshalls Grassguard paving provides an innovative and attractive solution for areas that may be subjected to heavy loading. Combining the natural visual appeal of grass with the strength of concrete, Grassguard will minimise soil erosion caused by wheels, wind, water and pedestrian traffic.

The ratio of grass to concrete on the surface ensures a pleasing natural aesthetic, while the interlocking concrete grid structure protects the grass as it forms, and ensures maximum structural support.

The inherent strength of Grassguard paving actually improves over time as the vegetation becomes established and binds the paving and subgrade together. Marshalls can provide a specification for the best type of grass to use to ensure speedy and long-lasting growth.

To find out more about Grassguard and its ideal use for embankment stabilisation, emergency vehicle routes and overflow car parks, contact the team today.

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