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7 on-trend garden designs to recreate this summer

Darius Negahbani Darius Negahbani Friday 9th December, 2016

We have taken a look at the latest design trends to tie-in with the gardening and wellbeing theme at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show. You can find us at the show from May 24 to 28.


At this time of year, when we’re on the cusp of warmth and blossoming plants, it’s easy to start scrambling for home garden ideas. We dart like magpies from one new concept to the next fun trend, ready to try them all out in our quest to create a beautiful outdoor space. So, to help we’ve distilled some of the big ideas for summer 2016 into seven bite-sized trends that are just as doable as they are gorgeous:


LED lighting

They’re extremely energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and, best of all, LED lights are available in a range of fantastic designs to make your garden glow. Strung between shrubs and trees, creating a canopy effect, or thrust on fencing along your beds, the twinkle of LED lights adds atmosphere at the flick of a switch.


Stunning driveways

An elegant driveway that’s been given careful consideration in its aesthetic and practical design will lift an entire property. If a new driveway is the investment you’re looking to make this summer, consider various permeable paving options designed to not only look fantastic but give the environment a friendly boost too.


Mixed materials

Who doesn’t like to mix things up once in a while? Mixed materials are very on-trend for 2016, and happily it’s a pretty simple look to achieve. Try galvanised aluminium buckets filled with great blue swathes of morning glory sitting on rustic reclaimed railway sleepers. Or, how about boldly coloured geometric print cushions used to adorn your shabby chic wrought iron garden bench? Sometimes a jolt of contrast can really bring to life a design.


Wildlife-friendly planting

One of the most valuable gardening tips you’ll ever hear of is that you should be mindful of wildlife. Insect-friendly plants, packed with nectar and pollen, will ensure your garden is alive with vitality and movement. Another good idea is to let one section of your garden simply go wild. Hedgehogs, bats, bees and butterflies will all thank you with regular visits.


See-through fences

Although a ‘see-through fence’ may sound like a contradiction in terms, in fact these clever dividers are a great way to add versatility to your garden. They work a little like a Venetian blind, tilting and closing according to whether you want to enjoy the sun’s rays or add a little privacy to your outdoor space.


Introducing water

Water is life so why not encourage a little more of it in your garden? A rain garden is one way to do this. Simply dig out a depression that allows water to escape from otherwise flood prone areas.  Fill it with thirsty plants and you’re good to go. Or, how about letting a water feature take pride of place and filling your garden with happy gurgles all summer long?


Raised beds

Whether you want to protect your plants from the slugs and snails determined to ravish them, or you’ve got back problems that make getting down on your knees painful, raised beds could provide the answer. Plus, there are so many diverse and interesting ways to create raised beds, it’s easy to build something truly original – just let your imagination run wild.


By executing just a few simple but creative ideas, you can create an entirely fresh outdoor look for summer 2016, lifting your mood, your garden and your style quota.

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