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Garden stones and garden pebbles

Why choose Garden stones and garden pebbles?

  • At Marshalls, we have a huge variety of colours to suit you. From white garden stones to black polished pebbles, our range of garden stones has the ability to add character and depth to any garden design.

Decorative features can take a garden’s overall look from great to outstanding. Marshalls’ range of garden stones and pebbles are designed to augment the extensive range of garden and driveway products.

A simple yet brilliantly effective way of modernising a space or breaking up lawn and paved areas, you can combine pebbles with aggregates, or cobbles and rockery stones to create attractive garden features. Our pebbles are selected from a variety of different quarries and will vary slightly in size and colour to give an impactful finish.

View our range of pebbles and find out where to buy them from using our nearest stockist search tool. Whilst you are browsing for decorative garden inspiration, take a look at our entire garden accessories range.

Whilst you are browsing our garden accessories, why not take a look at our entire garden accessories range.