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Marshalls Garden Paving Circles

Why choose Marshalls Garden Paving Circles?

  • Alternatively, the colour blends of the more traditional Indian sandstone paving circle are another visual delight and is part of the Marshalls Indian Stone paving range. Speak to one of our experts to find out more about our range of circle paving products.

Circular paving can help add focus to the centre of any garden space and Marshalls’ range of garden paving circles can help you achieve a spacious, swirling effect.

Each of our paving circles comes in a number of different shades of stone to add striking contrast to each other, but bring a uniform colour to the overall effect.

If you’re looking to add high-quality stone paving to your patio that’s easy to install and will last for many years to come, choose from garden paving such as Coach House Circle, whose smooth weathered look combines with a handcrafted reclaimed Yorkstone finish.

Whilst you are browsing our garden paving, why not take a look at our entire garden paving range.