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Marshalls Slate Garden Paving

Smooth and lightly riven, Slate paving a guarenteed to attract attention

Why choose Marshalls Slate Garden Paving?

  • View our range of slate hard landscape products and find out where to buy them using our nearest stockist search tool. View the Marshalls garden paving range for more inspiration for your landscaping project.

Our slate paving ranges are all ethically sourced and hand split to give a smooth, slightly riven surface.

Fairstone Slate Natural, sourced from carefully selected quarries in India, is an elegant and versatile hand split slate. The bold colours of this slate paving make it a popular choice for both traditional and modern projects.

Fairstone Casarta Slate meanwhile is a luxurious and contemporary Brazilian slate. These slate paving slabs are available in an oversized format, creating a beautiful contemporary look for any garden setting.

Both slate paving slab ranges are available in two colours and varied sizes to suit any project.

Getting the colour right

For a crisp, clean look that blends seamlessly into a contemporary setting, choose our midnight blue or grey slate paving. The darker the colour, in particular our black slate paving, the better it will offset bright florals and other accessories to ensure your garden bursts into life.

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