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Garden edging ideas for 2018

Garden edging ideas for 2018

Garden border edging ideas

Garden edging can make your outdoor space look amazing, adding eye-catching texture and style that can boost your home’s kerb appeal. Edging also serves a practical purpose, defining garden borders, separating distinct areas and protecting grassed areas. There’s no one-size-fits-all, of course. From classic to contemporary, and from bricks to bike wheels, we’ve chosen a range of edging design ideas – check them out below and see what might work for your outdoor space.

Set in stone


Stone is one of the most popular edging materials, because it’s among the most versatile and long-lasting. While natural rock edging can transform your outdoor space into a pastoral paradise, you get a much smoother look with sculpted stone. If you need to form a barrier between your flower bed and garden path, Country Edging can provide the perfect finishing touch. Its wave-like design provides a wall-like effect, demarcating key areas of an outdoor space. Country Edging is also available in Oatmeal or Weathered colours, so you can choose a shade which matches any garden design and colour scheme.

A little crush

Contrasts in colour and texture can demarcate key areas in a garden just as effectively as physical dividers, without intruding on a landscape design. Crushed stone is a great option providing a visual and textural contrast with green turf or level garden paving. What’s more, it takes very minimal effort to put it in place. Simply dig a ditch around the area, and fill it up with crushed rock. Marshalls Crushed Stone comes in a broad variety of colours, including contemporary white, vibrant terracotta and elegant golden blend, to enhance any type of landscaping project, whether it’s ultra-modern or Mediterranean.

Brick and choose

Brick is time-tested and reliable, which is why it’s one of the most traditional garden border styles out there. Brick can be used to build some bold designs. Lay them in a zigzag and complete the look of a retro outdoor space; create contemporary curves if you’re going for something eye catching; or straight lines work perfectly for a clean, modernist look. Whatever design you go for, brick can perfect almost all surroundings. An example of this is Driveline Nova Edging which will define your garden’s borders well, separating your flower beds from your water features and entertaining areas.

Double your fun

Expand your horizons and your borders with the addition of natural stone setts alongside garden edging. Boost the visibility of your edging on larger paved areas by widening the strip of stone around the sides. It also makes a useful visual marker against other natural features like a hedge or bushes. Pair Drivesett Kerb in Pennant Grey up against the sawn and tumbled finish of Fairstone Setts in a Silver Birch and you’ll see how the stones’ shades of grey are  distinct and complement each other against a darker driveway.

Step on down


A garden that has uneven slopes and turns can be turned into a dazzling display with the right decorative touches. When installing garden steps, you can use garden edging to effectively divide up each area of focus on either side of your steps. Placing the edging at different heights along the curve creates a banister effect that perfectly accompanies the descending path of the steps. Create flower beds alongside your steps, penned in my strong and durable garden edging.

Raising the stakes

Dedicate a cosy corner of your garden to a raised flower bed. As well as providing a visual focus, it has many practical advantages. Not only does installing a raised flower bed protect your plants from harsh ground frost, you’re less likely to find weeds. Plus, a raised bed means you can tend to your flowers more comfortably. Woodstone Sleepers are once again the order of the day here. The visual wooden effect combines with sturdy stone to provide a hardy home for your seasonal favourites.

On the ropes

Enhance the quaint look and feel of a traditional garden path with the addition of some ornate garden edging. Little touches like this can really transform your little piece of tranquillity into a blissful place to spend time. Choosing Victorian Rope Top Garden Edging can help make that change happen. Available in two classic colours, the glazed look of rope top edging is available with optional corner posts to match. Pair them with traditional cobblestone setts to create a true taste of the old-style garden path, bordered with shrubs and bright flowers for a picturesque country garden feel.


If your outdoor area needs updating, follow these simple garden edging design ideas to give it a brand new lease of life and create a space that’s so inviting, you’ll want to spend all summer in it. Whether you choose an edging that sets the tone of your garden, or you’re looking for something simple and understated, garden edging can make all the difference.


Planning a bigger garden design project? Take a look at our garden paving section for more inspiration. Or if you’re looking to revamp your patio, check out our 2018 patio ideas.

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