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Black Kerbs, Garden Edging & Edging Stones

Why choose Black Kerbs, Garden Edging & Edging Stones?

Marshalls offers kerbs and edging in a variety of colours and materials to help you produce the exact look you want to create. A popular choice for adding definition to a new project is black garden edging, which is perfect for accentuating an area’s borders.

Our range of black edging stones includes Drivesett 4-in-1 Kerb (Charcoal), Drivesett 4-in-1 Radial (Charcoal), Driveline 4-in-1 Return (Charcoal) and Drives ett 4-in-1 Return (Charcoal). The 4-in-1 Kerb can be laid in a variety of different ways to create the effect you want – the charcoal providing a dramatic contrast without drawing too much attention away from your garden area.

You can view our range of black edging and black kerbs here, locate a Marshalls-registered installer to complete the project for you, or find out where to buy it using our

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