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Paving Edging Stones for Patios

Provides the perfect finishing touch

Why choose Paving Edging Stones for Patios?

  • Contemporary and traditional paving edging available to suit any property style
  • Provides the perfect finishing touch to your landscaping design
  • Complements and coordinates with other Marshalls products

Add the perfect finishing touch to your garden design project with Marshall’s paving edging. A wide range of range of garden and patio edging styles are available, including traditional Rope Top or Country Edging, and contemporary including Hewnstone, Fairstone, Argent and Saxon stones.

Hewnstone edgings are a natural stone effect edging moulded from original flame treated stone and Fairstone Sawn, Antique and Riven borders hand selected with durable and aesthetic qualities.

What colour paving edging is available?

Along with the choice of available stone styles, our paving edging also comes in a variety of colours. White edging stones add a striking contrast to your paving scheme, while grey edging accentuates existing shades of your garden palette. Or for a more traditional addition to your patio edging, red stones add warmth and vibrancy.

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