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Beach Pebbles for Gardens

Why choose Beach Pebbles for Gardens?

  • Available in an assortment of colours, combine garden pebbles with aggregates, cobbles and rockery stones to create attractive garden features and a multi-textural effect across your outdoor space. View our range of garden beach pebbles and find out where to buy using our nearest stockist search tool.

Marshalls’ range of decorative beach pebbles is designed to enhance our extensive range of garden and driveway products, whatever look or design you are after.

Selected from an array of different quarries, our garden pebbles come in a range of styles and hues so you can match them to your garden design.

Choose bright Spanish White Pebbles to give your outdoor space a rustic Mediterranean feel, or select Atlantic Pebbles for their vibrant colours, which contrast perfectly with garden greenery.

Decorative pebbles are a great way to add interest to your outdoor space as well being a low maintenance option for all garden types and sizes. These smooth rounded stones particularly complement a freshly installed patio or water feature.