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Contemporary Paving

Why choose Contemporary Paving?

  • Paving finishes include textured and smooth, flamed and polished with various sizes available to achieve stunning modern patio designs. Find an approved Marshalls installer using our guide, or contact us now for a quote.

For an alternative to the old-fashioned, rustic look, Marshalls offers a superb range of contemporary paving for gardens and patios, with both ethically-sourced natural stone and replica options.

Fairstone is one of our most popular natural stone paving products. It’s an ethically sourced and versatile option for your garden, available in a variety of sizes, including King Size, for a fuss-free way to brighten up your garden in a choice of colours. The hand-flamed finish of Fairstone’s Narias stone caps off an attractive, hard-wearing and distinctly modern-looking appearance.

Other contemporary paving options include Argent Smooth paving, the ultimate in modern cool, and the non-slip, stylish Saxon paving.

Take a look at the modern paving choices on offer and compare their characteristics using our Product Compare feature, and find out your nearest stockist

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