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Our Commitment...

Marshalls uses its expertise in the development of hard landscaping to introduce advanced products which continue to reflect the commitment to quality, ethical sourcing and sustainability.

Marshalls has a range of products that use Surface Performance Technology which enhances the aesthetic performance of the concrete block paving using either the inclusion of value added aggregates and/or block design through innovative production methodologies.

There is now a wider choice of product within the Marshalls driveway range for when you want more than what our standard block paving can offer. The technologies allow innovative colour blends and block design that wouldn't be possible to achieve using the standard processes. This enables suitable designs for every house type and customer taste, different options for installers but also the added confidence that you are purchasing a higher quality product every time.

By choosing products with the SPT® stamp, you can have the confidence that all customers will be able to achieve the perfect result for their project. Look out for the SPT® logo on selected Marshall's driveway products

It's our Guarantee

Homeowners can purchase a Marshalls Hard Landscaping Guarantee through their Registered Installer, the products highlighted with SPT® have a doubled product guarantee period. These products therefore, benefit from a 20 year product guarantee assuring peace of mind and ensuring total protection for your investment.

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Natural Stone Look

Drivesys® Range

Unique and patented, designed to create

driveways with the look of natural stone

without the time consuming installation.

Distinctive Colour Blends

Drivesett® Coppice®

Each single sized pack contains a blend of

colour giving the impression of multiple sizes.