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Butler Landscapes Ltd

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Company Profile

Butler Landcapes has been in business since 1990. Being able to offer a one stop service & direct build to a design supplied or supplying a Garden design has been a real benefit to the business. Our achievement of several Gold Medals at the RHS Shows, Tatton Park; this is recognition of the quality of the work we carry out for our clients.

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Company: Butler Landscapes Ltd
Owners: Paul Butler
Sharon Butler
Address: Brookdale
Station Road
Prees, Whitchurch
SY13 2DW
Telephone: 01948 880000


Marshalls assesses certain skills and capabilities that members have demonstrated in specialist areas of landscaping which are reviewed periodically by Marshalls assessors to ensure that the skills are current.

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At Butler Landscapes we pride ourselves with our Design Capabilities. We can offer a service from basic line drawings to full colour designs and and full CAD service for small basic gardens to large grand projects.

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