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Pavesys Patented Paving System

Made in Britain

Pavesys Patented Paving System

Pavesys is the new patented paving system from Marshalls, designed to be quicker and easier to install through engineered units with self spacing joints. Available in three vibrant and updated colours, Pavesys Heritage will complement and enhance any garden space.

Pavesys ideally complements a huge range of properties by recreating the ever popular appeal of traditional British riven sandstone.

New for 2016, Pavesys is available in Grey Green as well as York Blend and Warfe Grey. Project packs are available in all three colours as well as a coordinating circle feature.

Pavesys can be installed through conventional methods using a full mortar bed. However, installing using the new Pavesys method offers superb performance with much of the hassle, time and labour taken out of the process.

* Pavesys is now supplied with our Weatherpoint 365 jointing compound as part of the whole system

  • A new product with classic appeal
  • Three updated colour options
  • Innovative new system
  • Coordinating circle feature

Pavesys Patented Paving System is one of our concrete paving products within our garden paving range.


Sizes, Colours and technical information for our Pavesys Patented Paving System

Product Colours and Sizes

Colour Size * Coverage m2
York Blend Pavesys Heritage Project Pack York Blend 5
Pavesys Heritage 600x600 York Blend 8.64
Pavesys Heritage 600X300 York Blend 8.64
Pavesys Heritage 450x450 York Blend 9.72
Pavesys Heritage 300x300 York Blend 4.32
Grey Green Pavesys Heritage 600x600 Grey Green 8.64
Pavesys Heritage 600x300 Grey Green 8.64
Pavesys Heritage 450x450 Grey Green 9.72
Pavesys Heritage 300x300 Grey Green 4.32
Pavesys Heritage Project Pack Grey Green 5
Wharfe Grey Pavesys Heritage Project Pack Wharfe Grey 5
Pavesys Heritage 600x600 Wharfe Grey 8.64
Pavesys Heritage 600x300 Wharfe Grey 8.64
Pavesys Heritage 450x450 Wharfe Grey 9.72
Pavesys Heritage 300x300 Wharfe Grey 4.32

* Sizes shown are Length x Width x Thickness

Product Reference: WEBFA921020

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Paving Planner Quantify exactly what you need.

Laying Patterns and Designs for Pavesys Patented Paving System

Hover over the link to view the laying pattern / design, alternatively click to open as a PDF.

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Why choose Pavesys Patented Paving System?

  • Choice of 3 colours
  • Circle feature available
  • Innovative paving system
  • Install in half the time
  • Every pack of Pavesys now comes with the correct amount of WeatherPoint 365 jointing compound
  • Guaranteed for 12 months

Extended guarantee available  

Marshalls Hard Landscape Guarantee covers material defects for a full 10 years and covers installation defects for 5 years - Only available via a Marshalls Registered installer.
* Excludes Richmond paving, Pendle paving and Weatherpoint.


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