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Saxon Textured Wall Copings

Made in Britain

Saxon Copings

Saxon Copings provide the perfect touch for any style of contemporary or traditional walling. Lightly blasted, these Saxon wall copings can be coordinated to match Saxon Paving.

An incredibly versatile addition to your garden walling, choose buff coping when your wall is in need of a refresh, or as part of a brand new installation.

Buff coping stones are a popular colour choice for the natural shade they offer to walling projects, and provide an important safeguard against rainfall penetration. They are available in classic colours from the Saxon range, and in 2 different sizes.

To complete the look of your paving scheme, Saxon paving and edging stones are also available in a variety of colours.

Saxon Copings is one of the coping stones and caps products which forms part of our expansive garden walling range.

  • Saxon Copings have been lightly blasted to match the Saxon Paving
  • Saxon Copings are incredibly versatile
  • Saxon Copings provide addded protection to your walling project

Saxon Copings is one of our coping stones and caps products within our garden walling range.


Sizes, Colours and technical information for our Saxon Copings

Product Colours and Sizes

Colour Size * Coverage m2
Buff Saxon Coping / Edging 600x136x50 4.08
Saxon Coping / Edging 600x272x50 4.13

* Sizes shown are Length x Width x Thickness

Product Reference: WEBFA064030

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Why choose Saxon Copings?

  • Choice of 3 colours
  • Complete walling with stylish and effective manner
  • Vital protective role
  • Guaranteed for 12 months

Extended guarantee available  

Marshalls Hard Landscape Guarantee covers material defects for a full 10 years, materials produced with Surface Performance Technology for a further 10 years and covers installation defects for 5 years - Only available via a Marshalls Registered installer.
* Excludes Richmond paving, Pendle paving, Weatherpoint and Always Green artificial grass.


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