Date published 25 November 2020

As part of our ongoing commitment to tackle modern slavery within our industry, we sponsored a successful Guinness World Record attempt earlier this year.

Gordon Miller set a new official Guinness World Record for the “the largest GPS drawing by bicycle (individual)”. His 620.5 miles (998.7km) cycle around England spelt ‘end modern slavery’. Miller says: “I’m free to cycle but millions of people aren’t. They’re trapped in modern day slavery. It’s an underÔÇÉreported crime that affects thousands in the UK and millions worldwide. I’m delighted my Guinness World Record attempt has shone a light on it by generating more than 1 million social media impressions.”
This sponsorship forms part of Marshalls work to tackle modern slavery, which also includes our logistics training programme which is utilised by other private sector companies. Visit the sustainability section on our website to read more about our human rights work.