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  • Feb 17

    Supporting tree planting with the Landscape Institute

    As part of the Landscape Institute’s 90th birthday celebrations, we have sponsored the planting of mature trees.

  • Jan 24

    Marshalls plc fundraising for mental health charity Mind

    We're proud to have raised approximatley £180,000 for the Mind chairty over the years and going forward, we're committed to implement a wide mental health programme across our company to support our employees.

  • Jan 15

    Marshalls Revisit Future Spaces

    Following the launch of Future Spaces in 2016, have a look at the themes that emerged out of 2019 and how we compared to our predictions.

  • Nov 11

    We’re proud to pay the Living Wage

    We believe in a fair day’s wage for a hard day’s work. We’re proud to be one of over 5,000 UK businesses who voluntarily pay their employees above the national minimum wage.

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