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Marshalls Launch Stoneface

A revolutionary natural stone walling system available exclusively from Marshalls

Marshalls is proud to announce the launch of Stoneface®, a revolutionary new natural stone walling system that combines outstanding looks, ease of installation and unbeatable cost effectiveness.

Stoneface® walling panels are veneers of real stone that can be quickly and easily installed with basic DIY skills. With a more affordable price tag than regular natural stone walling, Stoneface® is the most achievable way possible to a luxurious natural stone wall in your garden or driveway.

Precision cut and hand-finished Stoneface® Pitched Panels are an outstanding solution in both traditional and contemporary environments. Combining the ease of installation and value for money that is the Stoneface® standard, the Pitched Panel format allows a classic brick effect to be achieved in beautiful natural stone. Choose from a selection that includes 5 colours of slate, marble and quartzite to best fit your landscape.

The Stoneface® Drystack is the ultimate in contemporary style. Drawing on a palette of exceptional natural stones, the Drystack format’s clean linearity draws the eye and expands the space. Ideal for use on standard garden walls, the Stoneface® Drystack also allows the creation of dynamic feature walls, giving a unique designer feel to the area. The Drystack is manufactured in a panel format for quick and easy installation, and is cut to a “Z-Shape”, creating the illusion of a seamless expanse across the wall. Corner units are available for the best possible finish and the selection of exquisite natural stone includes 8 colours of slate, marble, sandstone and quartzite.

An aesthetic winner that’s bang on trend, the Stoneface® Random Stack will provide the finest possible finish in a variety of landscapes. The Random Stack format breaks up the space, providing texture and interest and is ideal when a bold design statement is required, as well more standard applications. Engineered in a panel format for simple, quick and cost-effective installation, corner units are also available to ensure projects are finished to the highest standard. Panels are also cut into a “Z-Shape” for a seamless, continuous feel to the wall. 5 colours of Slate, Sandstone and Quartzite are available to complement any landscape.

The difference between a good project and a great project are the finishing touches. Stoneface® Copings are the perfect final detail that can really ensure your installation is set apart from the rest. Copings perform a functional task – protecting the wall from water ingress, but few copings do this job with as much style and panache as Stoneface® Copings. Available in all the same stone types as the panels, Stoneface® Copings come in two different finishes to complement different environments.

Stoneface® Natural Copings have the rugged finish that you’d associate with real stone, while the Stoneface® Honed Copings possess the clean lines and a smooth polish to the top face that will ideally suit contemporary environments.

Stoneface is available to purchase exclusively through the Marshalls Web Shop at

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