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Paving & Walling Transform An Outdoor Living Space

With a new patio and walling feature you can transform an outdoor living space into your dream setting. Today there is now a huge range of materials with which to achieve your vision.

Flagstones are now available in a myriad of innovative designs and colours. From the traditional to the ultra contemporary; in natural and reconstituted stone and in many different plan sizes offering a wide choice of design & installation options to suit all types of home, garden and more importantly scope to meet your very own design aspirations.

Walling also does not now just have to be just a traditional clay brick or natural stone construction. As with paving, modern methods of manufacturing have enabled suppliers to create and replicate a portfolio of exciting, innovative walling products to suit all tastes. Available in arrange of sizes that will enhance any setting from a front garden wall or to create a place of seclusion. The options are there for you to explore.

Walling also gives height and structure to a gardens dynamics, bringing the eye up from the ground to the vista beyond. Planting beds can be situated behind or different levels created to increase drama or privacy both high and low.

However, if you are unsure Marshalls’ best selling Heritage paving has never been bettered and is a great place to start.

Marshalls Heritage paving is so versatile it fits perfectly with most of Marshalls walling ranges and provides a host of choices to suit any garden setting. Its authentic looking face and edges are like a newly quarried Yorkstone. It is also supported with a range of sizes to create a proportioned well constructed floor space maximising effect and space.

Marshalls Heritage is also enhanced with two additional hard landscaping design features, an octant and circle. These can add a distinctive focal point or give a base to build a walling structure around. The Heritage circle also comes with a ‘bonding in kit’ which provides a seamless integration from feature to pavior, perfectly.

However, whatever you decide Marshalls boasts the biggest range of domestic hard landscaping materials in the UK, so it’s easy to get just what you want. For more information on the Marshalls range of products please visit and let your transformation begin.