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News at Ten Exposes Child Labour in Indian Quarries

On the 9th and 10th of July 2009, ITV’s News at Ten reported on the state of stone quarries in India and in particular, the widespread use of child labour. A subject Marshalls has been passionate about for many years.

When Marshalls first highlighted the issue and started talking about child labour in India many people and companies were sceptical about it and washed over it denying it wasn’t really happening. The TV coverage shown by News at Ten clearly now has proved them very wrong. Child labour is still around in Indian stone quarries and Marshalls’ message to landscapers and consumers remains the same:

‘Make sure you know where your Indian stone has come from and ask for the independent proof that child labour was not used.’

Marshalls’ Haworth Moor Indian Sandstone conforms to the Ethical Trading Initiative’s (ETI) Base Code. However, Marshalls plc is not just a member, it has real on the ground initiatives and actions that live up to its responsibilities in this area.

Marshalls made a commitment to source stone ethically many years ago. It changed the way it ran its supply chain so its sole supplier of Indian sandstone is a partner, not just a supplier. The company works closely with them to make sure they have practices in place to prevent the use of child labour and furthermore focuses on things like living wages, health and safety, and importantly they strictly adhere to the ETI base code.

Marshalls strongly believe in independent verification, so it’s not just their word – these auditors are UK and India based experts. The company’s supplier has been regularly independently audited over the last several years. Because of this stance Marshalls has received numerous prestigious awards for its approach to its supply chain, so you don’t just have to take Marshalls word on its actions on this subject.

Marshalls’ people are regular visitors to India and work hard with its supplier and a NGO that it funds to make sure that the products it supplies are ethically sourced. These are not just words to Marshalls, they are backed by actions. In February this year the company opened its fourth School for the children of migrant quarry workers.

Marshalls Domestic products brochure has details of its commitment to Ethical Trading Initiative and its ethically sourced products and further information on its web site. Please click on the link below: