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Marshalls’ employees ‘Grow Their Own’ in response to RHS campaign

Marshalls grow their own vegatables and fruit in response to RHS Campaign

A group of volunteers at Marshalls have taken up the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) challenge to ‘Grow Your Own’ by growing a range of fruit and vegetables in a new greenhouse situated in the grounds of the Group’s HQ in Elland, West Yorkshire.

The plants are housed in a greenhouse which has been kindly donated by Alton Greenhouses, a Marshalls Specialist Business, which has already been put to good use growing a range of fruit and vegetables which will be used in the canteen to cook with.

Employees have donated plants to grow in the greenhouse including aubergines, sweet peas, marrows, butternut squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, chillies and peppers. Outside the greenhouse a bunch of strawberry plants is doing very well along with a sweet corn plant. A group of around nine volunteers are taking up the task of watering and weeding, even at weekends, to keep the plants in tip top condition.

Neil Davidson, Marshalls CSR Manager said “everyone has really taken up the challenge and it’s now getting quite competitive with a race to see which plant grows the best. When the time is right we intend to hold a celebration lunch using the produce and an award will be given to the best grown vegetable or fruit – the race is on!”

Great care has been taken to ensure the plants remain at their very best and it is thanks to meticulous planning and a fantastic Alton greenhouse that it is overflowing with produce. The greenhouse has also been chosen carefully as it will not shrink, swell or warp excessively, and it is virtually immune to decay. It also has excellent insulating qualities and is naturally repellent to moths, insects and vermin. Independent scientific tests proved that Alton Greenhouses provide a superior growing environment when compared to aluminium greenhouses, so the plants are in good hands.

The future is looking bright for a bumper crop this year and plans are already underway to get another greenhouse up and running and bringing in a winter crop to keep the Grow Your Own spirit going – the ladies in the canteen are delighted with the extra fresh ingredients.