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Flood Prevention with Permeable Paving

Large areas of the country continue to experience record levels of rainfall, with a number of communities, such as Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire and Croscombe in Somerset, having suffered the devastating effects of flooding.

With no let up from the wet weather forecast in the short-term, and climate change experts suggesting that these extreme weather incidents will become more commonplace, it is widely agreed that flood prevention solutions must be implemented.

Marshalls market leading Priora Permeable Paving System is proven to help prevent flooding. Priora is specially designed to allow rainfall to infiltrate naturally back into the ground, rather than driving increasing volumes of water runoff into already overburdened sewers.

Marshalls Water Management expert Chris Griffiths said: “Climate change means that extreme weather conditions are happening more often, unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to stop it from raining, but we can control the surfaces that it lands on.

“This week the people of Hebden Bridge and Croscombe experienced firsthand the devastating effects of heavy rainfall entering overburdened drainage systems. The use of Priora permeable paving is a key strategy in minimising the effects of increasingly heavy rainfall and flash flooding.”

Chris concludes: “Many people wrongly believe that permeable paving is too expensive or difficult to install, this simply isn’t the case, and we would encourage anyone with doubts to contact us for more information.”

Mary Dhonau (OBE), MDA Community Flood Consultants and Chair of the Flood Protection Association, said: “Extreme weather incidents are becoming the norm rather than the exception.

“We can’t stop it from raining, but we can plan for these events. Making permeable paving the first choice for any hard standing requirement is the very least local authorities, planners, architects and homeowners can do to help to alleviate this growing problem.”