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Marshalls announce new additions to Water Management Range

Marshalls launch free Permeable Paving Design Guide and MM380 Tanking Membrane

Marshalls, the UK’s leading supplier of permeable paving, is proud to announce the expansion of their Water Management range, with the free ‘Permeable Paving Design Guide’ now available to download from the Marshalls website, and the launch of the Marshalls MM380 Tanking Membrane.

Water management is extremely topical at the moment with both drought and flood conditions becoming more commonplace in the UK. Many are already choosing to implement Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDs); measures which help alleviate these issues, however confusion does still exist as to what SUDs means and why they should be implemented.

The Marshalls Permeable Paving Design Guide draws from Marshalls 10 years experience and market leading position in permeable paving. Written in a way that makes the subject easy to understand, this fully comprehensive guide gives the reader all the information they need to make the right decision for their project.

The guide, endorsed by flood expert Mary Dhonau OBE and Structural Engineer Professor John Knapton, walks the reader through all the relevant issues, and tackles the many myths surrounding this subject. The guide also provides technical information, offering advice on design, installation, materials and maintenance.

Marshalls is also expanding their water management product range, with the launch of the Marshalls MM380 Tanking Membrane. Membranes are used in all Type C or ‘tanked’ systems, which make up approximately 50% of all permeable paving installations.

The Marshalls MM380 Tanking Membrane is not only thinner than alternative membranes, making it lighter per m2 and easier to roll out, it is also stronger which means it less likely to puncture or tear. It also comes in a larger roll size than alternative membranes meaning that less jointing is required.

Chris Griffiths, Marshalls Water Management expert, said: “We’re very excited about the new additions to our Water Management range.

“We’re confident that our Permeable Paving Design Guide is the most comprehensive available, and is truly a ‘one stop shop’ for those wishing to increase their understanding of water management and SUDs systems, in particular permeable paving. The guide is completely free and can be downloaded from our website at, we hope you enjoy it.

“We’re also very proud of the Marshalls MM380 Tanking Membrane. This product has been through extensive rigorous testing and we believe it to be superior to any other comparable product currently available on the market. For more information, or to purchase, please call 0845 302 0400 or visit the water management website.”