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Marshalls at Ecobuild 2013

Demonstrating the Superior Performance of Ferrocast® Street Furniture

Come and join the Marshalls team at this year’s Ecobuild, stand S1620, where they will be demonstrating the superior performance of Ferrocast® street furniture.

Ferrocast® has become an increasingly popular material choice for a wide range of street furniture applications because of its looks, strength, high durability, low maintenance, design flexibility, and value for money. Whilst capable of exactly replicating the appearance of Cast Iron, Ferrocast®, manufactured in the UK, offers so much more, with a wide range of benefits over the older material, which is now rarely available from a UK foundry. In fact, Marshalls challenges you to visit the stand and see if you can tell the difference between the two materials.

Ferrocast® is an engineering grade polymer originally developed for use in North Sea Oil applications. These harsh environments were perfect testing grounds to prove that Ferrocast® would be ideal for use as a street furniture material capable of withstanding the rigourous conditions of the urban environment.

With a high impact resistance, Ferrocast® products reduce the risk of fracturing on impact and causing hazards for pedestrians. Similarly, Ferrocast® products are highly chip resistant making them ideal for heavily trafficked areas such as supermarkets and pedestrianised zones. This high level of durability means low maintenance costs.

This lightweight product will not rust or corrode, a quality which has made it a popular choice at seaside locations where Cast Iron quickly rusts and requires regular costly maintenance, and often full replacement. In many of these cases throughout the UK, Ferrocast® has been used to replace these Cast Iron systems. In fact, a unique benefit of Ferrocast® is that moulds can be created quickly, and cost effectively by taking casts from the degraded Cast Iron products and producing exact replicas in polyurethane. Furthermore, the reduced weigh-in value of Ferrocast® is a major theft deterrent.

At this year’s Ecobuild Marshalls will also be launching the design led Waterside coordinated street furniture range, encompassing a seat, litter bin, cycle stand and bollard manufactured in Ferrocast®. Designed using simple, unobtrusive smooth curves to reduce visual clutter, the Waterside range is equally suited to historical and modern surroundings. Its minimal contact with the ground not only offers a stylish aesthetic but also allows for ease of street cleaning.

The Waterside range also coordinates with Marshalls most popular Llanelli Post and Rail system, allowing the customer to create a seamlessly integrated landscape with a common design theme throughout.

Marco Maccio from Marshalls Street Furniture said “We’re extremely excited to be showcasing Ferrocast’s® many positive attributes at this year’s Ecobuild. Many people still believe that the material sounds too good to be true – but we will be proving that it is genuinely a far superior material choice than Cast Iron for all your street furniture needs. So come along to stand S1620 to find out more.”