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Tatton garden sponsored by Marshalls receives Gold medal

The Light Catcher garden at this year’s RHS Tatton Park sponsored by Marshalls has received a Gold medal and has been named the ‘Best Year of Light Garden’.

Designed by Sharon Hockenhull and built by Marshalls Register members Beesleys Landscapes, the garden is a celebration of light and how it has evolved to become a universal symbol of positivity and hope.

The garden offers visitors an opportunity to see how natural light can be harnessed in a garden setting to create drama and ambience. Marshalls’ new Symphony Vitrified paving in Barley creates low light diffusion within the garden, with its subtle buff tones, as well as a clean, crisp and contemporary appearance. The bold, light-catching structure funnels sunlight down to a central reflective bowl of water.

Award-winning garden designer Sharon teamed up with father and son team Beesleys Landscapes to build the gold medal winning garden after hearing about their impeccable business reputation for high standards and professionalism.

She said: “I spent a long time researching landscape contractors in the North West to work with me on my private client projects. Beesleys Landscapes stood out in terms of their track record, portfolio and passion for their industry.

“As a father and son team I felt that they offered the perfect combination of professionalism and enthusiasm; Matt’s father, Dave Beesley, offers a precise, logical and supportive management role that perfectly balances with the keen, knowledgeable and ‘blue-sky’ thinking of Matt.”