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Marshalls Launches New Priora Machine Laid Permeable Paving

Marshalls plc, the UK’s leading manufacturer of superior hard landscaping products supplying the construction and hard landscaping markets, has launched a machine installable version of its leading permeable paving product Priora.

Marshalls plc, the UK’s leading manufacturer of superior hard landscaping products supplying the construction and hard landscaping markets, has launched a machine installable version of its leading permeable paving product Priora.

The Marshalls Priora ML (Machine Laid) range was developed in response to the growing demand for innovative sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDs). It is also recognised as having advantages over traditional methods due to the speed and efficiency in which it can be installed.

The new Marshalls Priora ML range is available pre-packaged in two unique formations 450 and 900 herringbone.

Marshalls Priora ML 450, installed layer by layer, consists of 64 blocks covering an area of 1.28m2. It is ideal for both public and commercial areas such as roads, car parks or industrial applications. The product is available in the full Priora colour range comprising grey, charcoal, buff, marigold, red, brindle and burnt ochre. The block is 200x100x80 in size.

Marshalls Priora ML 90° consists of 44 blocks covering an area of 0.88m2. . Suitable for smaller applications such as footpaths, it has also been precisely engineered to create a standard UK car parking bay of 2.4m x 4.8m in exactly 12 drops. Installation using the machine laid method takes approximately 30 second per drop. This means a bay can be constructed in around 6 minutes which is significantly quicker than a traditional three man gang installing the same area. Again it is available in the full Priora colour range and is 200x100x80 in size.

Steve Attfield, Marshalls Machine Lay Commercial Manager comments:

“Machine installation of concrete block paving offers significant health & safety benefits over conventional installation methods, and positions the solution as an effective choice to alternative wearing courses in terms of installed time and cost. Furthermore it offers whole life, aesthetic and sustainability benefits.

“Working in partnership with machine equipped installers and machine manufacturers; we are bringing the right products to market to ensure speedy and effective installation. Priora ML is the next exciting step in the development of Marshalls Machine Lay strategy and further expands our existing Machine Lay range”.

The new blocks have been made to the same exacting standards as other Marshalls’ concrete block paving products and with the patented Priora interlocking joint.

Coupled with a specific design methodology and sub-base specification Priora ML allows surface water to be controlled at source. Water can be drained directly into the ground, recharging the ground water whilst also controlling the surface water runoff at source.

The further benefits of Marshalls Priora ML include:

• High load bearing capacity due to the unique interlocking characteristics. The system can withstand the dynamic stresses offered by vehicular trafficking and point loads.

• Large drainage openings allowing the efficient infiltration of surface water runoff.

• Lasting surface water infiltration capacity due to the unique layout of the interlocking spacer profiles.

• Conservation of space on the site, allowing the needs and requirements of both PPG3 and PPG25 to be achieved.

• Reduction of surface water runoff by as much as 100% for infiltration sites.

• Increased recharge of groundwater.

• Allowing new developments in areas restricted by current surface water drainage constraints.

• Reduced overall project development costs owing to a reduction in storm sewers and drainage accessories.

• The filtering and removal of metals and suspended solids in any surface water.

• The development of naturally occurring bacteriological breakdown

Injecting innovation into new product development and investing in revolutionary manufacturing techniques cements Marshalls market leading position. Its vision, to deliver the products customers want, on time, every time, is supported by Marshalls teams of design, technical and customer service experts, ensuring Marshalls can service clients’ needs from project and design conception right the way through to installation and maintenance.

Marshalls always advocates the use of suitable handling equipment with all of its product range. Protection of the workforce and general public is a high priority in the construction industry and Marshalls supports any technology that reduces risk. Machine lay enables vast areas of block paving to be laid by a minimal number of skilled operatives in a safe and controlled manner.