Advice on buying limestone tiles

Limestone floor tiles are an attractive way to finish any room. The clean, smooth finish it provides, complimented by a range of natural colours now available have helped to propel their popularity; so much so that they are now commonplace in many modern homes and businesses.

Limestone itself is well known for being soluble with many acids and even water. So to use it in flooring might seem a little foolhardy. Not so. This compressed stone is remarkably durable. It is specifically sourced not only for the aesthetic appearance, but also for its unique strength and versatility.

So with any potential concerns laid to rest, what is it that you should be looking for in a limestone tile?

Well, in the most part they don’t come cheaply. Purchasing a squared metre will set you back a minimum of around 50 GBPs. But for most, this is a small price to pay. The amount that they bring to a room and their longevity ensure that your investment will be repaid manifold.

One of the major decisions that you’ll need to make is what colour to have. You might be surprised by the range of tones available when it comes to limestone tiles. Shades range from beiges and greys to bolder pinks and blue hues. These natural colours enhance the look of any room. Of course you will need to find a shade that fits in with your decoration, especially as the floor space is likely to dominate a substantial part of any room’s overall appearance.

The thickness and strength of tiles does vary. Whilst limestone is in the most part extremely tough, some are inevitably stronger than others. So if you’re going to be installing them in an area that is likely to get a lot of usage, for example a hotel foyer, you will need to find a stone that is able to deal with this constant traffic.

Depending on where you are considering installing your limestone tiles, you may want to check whether they are compatible for outside usage. Again, most will be absolutely fine and manufacturers or distributors will inform you if they are for indoor use online.

In the same regard, use in wet rooms, such as bathrooms, showers or pools can be determined by the individual stone type. As you would expect, limestone is remarkably resilient and is ordinarily ideal for this type of damp environment.

The finish you get with a limestone tiles for bathroom use is usyuallly honed. This means that the surface is flat and is less polished than some. This can make cleaning and maintaining the tiles easier, which can only be a good thing. In addition all stone tiles must be impregnated with a stone sealer which are available in most stores online.

Maintenance is an obvious issue for any surface. When it comes to limestone tile flooring or walls, you need to ensure that they are cleaned regularly with a solution that won’t damage the surface of the stone nor break down the sealant. Whilst standard floor cleaning products should not be used as they will tend to break down the sealants many products from many different suppliers are available.

Limestone is a fantastic option when looking for a stone tile solution. It has the versatility and the appearance to bring a great deal to any room. Whether buying for a business or your own home, the durability they provide coupled with their stunning aesthetic qualities will ensure that you get many years of flawless usage out of your tiles. View or full range of Limestone tiles available to buy through one of our many stone tile retailer shops.

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