Cleaning Natural Stone Flooring and Natural Stone Tiles

A question we regularly get asked is how to keep your new stone floor tiles, or stone Wall tiles clean, so here is our latest advice.

cleaning-natural-stone-flooring-and-natural-stone-tilesSweep up any dust and particles and then mop the area to be cleaned with warm water and Lithofin Easy Care cleaner (1:50 or 1 capful to a 5 litre bucket).

Remove any excess water, but do not rinse. Next, use a stronger solution of Lithofin Easy Care tile cleaner and water for stubborn marks.

For rubber marks, oil & grease spots use Lithofin Wexa Cleaner (1:10 with water). Leave for 2 – 5 minutes and brush. Once the mark is removed add more water and brush again. Rinse and leave to dry. When using Wexa the effectiveness of the surface sealant may be affected and therefore spot re-sealing may be required.

Never use propriety brands of household cleaners on your floor, these will damage sealants and cause excessive wear and tear to your natural stone floor.

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