Latest trend in tile shapes - hexagonal mosaics

Bring a hint of New Orleans to your home. State of the art decor tiles will create a fabulous feature piece to convert a boring space into a room of admiration.

Taking this year’s colour trends of grey and neutrals to the next level, the New Orleans range, encompasses the classy, refined elegance of the French quarter with semi-gloss and matte tiles to create a soft and liveable ambience.

The hexagonal shapes are the latest trend to hit the market allowing you to create a contemporary but modern home. Please see some of our room inspirations using the hexagonal mosaics.

Royal Street hexagonal Décor Tiles 240 x 277mm Royal Street hexagonal Décor Tiles 240 x 277mm

Garden District Hexagonal Tiles 240x277 and square tiles 200 x 200mm Garden District Hexagonal Tiles 240×277 and Square Tiles 200 x 200mm

However for those who don’t feel like using a hexagonal shape but love the print as much as we do, the designs are also available in square and rectangle tiles, so nobody needs to miss out.

Royal Street Décor tiles 100 x 200 and bourbon street 100 x 200 Royal Street Décor Tiles 100 x 200 and Bourbon Street 100 x 200

Canal Street Rectangle Tiles 100 x 200

Our New Orleans range is made up of Bourbon Street, Royal Street, Garden District and Canal Street.

Royal Street 100 x 200, Bourbon Street 200x 200 Royal Street 100 x 200, Bourbon Street 200x 200

It’s a must see range and now available to buy at Marshalls Tile and Stone Interiors.

For more information regarding the full range, designs, price and sizes available please contact Or Call 0345 308 30 30

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